Monday 21 March 2011

Project Disney: If The Shoe Fits

Prior to WWII, Disney were enjoying their Golden Age with the likes of Snow White, Pinocchio, Bambi and Dumbo. The war hit and with low box office takings and reduced staff numbers, we seen the package movies of the 40s as the main output from the animation department. By 1950, the World was starting to rebuild and Disney were no different. Back to a full compliment they decided to return to feature length animated output in what would be, retrospectively, their most pivotal decade from a marketing point of view. If you ask anyone what the lasting imagery of Disney is, they are bound to say fairy tales and the 'Princesses'. This is exactly what the 50s brought - the heavy focus on enchantment and fairy tales and the lasting image which would be the centre piece of the parks.

This new era kicked off with 1950's Cinderella. As is going to be the case with most of this list, I knew the basics of the story from another source but had never previously seen the animated version the full way through. I did enjoy it. My previous experience of the story was the local pantomime with the obligatory shouting from the crowd and comedic moments so it was good to see it in an uninterrupted setting.

The story was a true fairy tale. You had good versus evil and the intervention of Disney's unique blend of sidekicks (The mice and the Fairy Godmother) which allowed Cinderella to triumph over the evil doings of her family.
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