Sunday 13 March 2011

Project Disney: Bongo And The Beanstalk

Well, this one was a pleasant surprise. Fun and Fancy Free is the first of the package movies I have fully enjoyed. It only brings together two stories, allowing a proper narrative to exist and be developed in each one.

  • Bongo - as the narration begins, we are told this is the story of three bears, but not the one we all know. Bongo is a circus bear who escapes to sample freedom. On the outside he falls for a female bear but realises that he must prove himself in the wild. This brings about an encounter with the current alpha male of the pack who he must overcome.

  • Mickey & The Beanstalk - as the title suggests, this is a retelling of the classic beanstalk tale incorporating Mickey in the lead role accompanied by Donald and Goofy.The absolute highlight of this was Donald during the opening exchanges where his hunger was driving him demented.
Only two to go until we are back with the feature lengths.
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