Sunday 25 March 2012

Halfway There

The plan was always to get back into some routine of exercise in the run up to Easter but as with most plans, it never really kicked off. So, after a few medical ailments, I decided it needed to kick-off for my own well being.

A rare day off where Gaz was available and the prospect of good weather meant a wee trip to the hills to see how we'd cope after a nearly 9-month absence. The intended target was Beinn Narnain.

Checklist made and lunches prepared it was Arrochar bound. Heading up it was becoming apparent that my weather forecasting skills have a lot to be desired. One all-day parking ticket later and it was time for the trek to begin. Which coincidently was about the same time the rain decided to start it's day as well.

I have to admit, I like the Arrochar area but the zigzags at the bottom are a never ending pain in the backside. With that in mind, we decided to take the first part of the alternate route which bypassed the bottom section up to the bench.

A nice pleasant walk got us to the bench and we commenced the upper part of the zigzags which leads to the dam. Apart from the rain in the lower reaches, the weather held off a bit for now.

After the zigzags we got out into the open and the long and winding track began. A relatively steady trek to the boulders ensued but the day was starting to take it's toll on me. On top of feeling generally done in, I started to get a blister on my right heel that even a Compeed patch wasn't easing.

After a sandwich stop at the boulders, we set off again and the intended target [or lack thereof] came into view. But, the journey was not to last much longer. The temperatures had plummeted and with the general way I was feeling we decided that we'd call it a day.

The intention was to get this one done on a good clear day with a few other people so we were not too disheartened to not finish it.

I have to admit though, getting over the halfway height was a not bad effort for having a chest infection the week before.

Hopefully the weather is better for an Easter outing.

As usual, you can click below to view the full album but I'll be honest when I say I'm not too happy with the photos this time. It's my first outing with a Panasonic TZ3 I was given and I think the settings were off. A bit of tweaking is required before next time.

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