Thursday 31 March 2011

Project Disney: He's A Tramp

Lady And The Trampis quite significant to me. It was the first Disney home release (VHS) that I recall having in the house when we were growing up. The story follows Lady, a cocker spaniel who is purchased by a youngish, quite well to do married couple and Tramp, a mongrel stray. Lady becomes a significant part of the couple's life and as time goes on, the family expands with the introduction of a baby. The couple decide to take a break and leave the baby and the dog with her aunt. The Aunt takes an immediate dislike to Lady and gets her a muzzle. At this point, she runs away and encounters Tramp, a local stray.

What follows is a brief friendship and serious of events that have resulted in Lady and the Tramp being only one of two animated films to feature on the AFI's 100 years...100 Passions list as one of the greatest love stories made.

I really enjoyed this one. If I decide to do a top 10 at the end of this, I am fairly positive this will be in it. It had all the classic elements I would associate with the Walt Disney Classics brands.
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