Monday 21 March 2011

Project Disney: Down The Rabbit Hole

The next film in the sequence was Alice In Wonderland. Prior to watching this, the extent of my knowledge on the original Lewis Carroll work was that a girl called Alice goes down a rabbit hole and the Mad Hatter has a tea party. I started watching the recent Tim Burton adaptation when it received it's premiere on Sky Movies not long ago, but it lasted all of 10 minutes before getting switched off. I lasted the full duration of the film, but my enjoyment didn't fare much better than the remake.

I thought that as I was going into this with no expectations then it should impress but it done the exact opposite. It only had a runtime of 73 minutes but it was long. Recently I tried watching Duck Soup and 10 minutes felt like an hour. This was exactly what this was like. For me personally, it was not an enjoyable experience and is so far the worst Disney film I have seen in the Project. Even the Package movies provided more entertainment.
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