Friday 28 May 2010

Day 4: The Last Day

So this was it - the last day. The downside to booking cheap train tickets is that sometimes they are a wee bit outside the time you are wanting. Our train wasn't leaving until 16:22 so it meant we would have a bit of waiting about todo. This didn't really bother us though, as all the walkng we had done already meant we were more than happy to take it easy. Check-out wasn't until noon, so I decided to head to the shops for a bit and let dad just chill out with a few coffees and a paper.

The main highlight of the last day was to find dad a proper Steak and Ale pie and none of the reheated garbage you get in chain pubs. With iPhone in hand and a wee bit of digging, I located where we would be spending our last few hours before heading to Lime Street station.

The Baltic Fleet is a local pub which does traditional home cooked meals with a microbrewery in the cellar. Located along from the main hustle and bustle of the docks, The Baltic Fleet has a steady trade in the afternoon but not sardined like some of the city centre places.

So that was pretty much how we spent our last afternoon, sampling some of the ales from the Wapping Beers' range and having good homecooked food having good homecooked food. I have to admit, not being an ale fan, their Baltic Gold was very drinkable. Fully fed and watered, it was time to collect the case from the hotel's luggage cupboard and head to the station.

And with that, we boarded our train for the long journey home.

2010-05-27 - The Baltic Fleet
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1 comment:

  1. Enjoyed your diary.Glad you both had a great time. S.