Tuesday 4 May 2010

Extreme Ironing

Bank Holiday Monday was here and it was time for another trip to the great outdoors. Today's adventure was taking us to Beinn Imne in the Arrocher Alps. I was really looking forward to going back to this area especially as good weather was forecast. It was the scene of my first walk but the weather was so bad you couldn't see much.

So, after a restless night and a mad rush in the morning it was time to head for the hills. The trip from Greenock to the car park at Succoth is just shy of an hour so including a stop in at Clydebank Asda, we were looking to start walking about 9.30ish.

The initial part of the route up the steep zig zags gives pretty good views back down to Arrocher from quite early on. The zig zags through the forst trail take you to about 300m just before you end up in the open. It is these views I was missing the last time. As soon as the trees clear, you get uninterrupted views of The Cobbler (below) and Ben Narnain.

The good thng about this route is you pretty much follow the path until you get to the fork in the road. Go left for the Cobbler or carry straight on for Narnain/Imne with another fork a couple of minutes up the path that splits the two of them.

It's after the second fork in the road that the path starts to disappear a bit. We ended up just following the stream that was there until the summit was in site.

With the end in site we pushed on until we reached the top and this was the first time the wind started to cause an issue. After a few pictures it was time to start the descent.

Due to the rockyness of the path, the descent took a lot longer than we expected. So with the sore knees and sun burnt arms, we trudged on down to the bottom and it was here we seen the sight of the day. Near the bottom, in the forestry track, we were sure we seen what looked like a guy carrying an ironing board but we thought we must have been seeing things. Until they came closer up and walked by us.

It looks as though they may partake in some form of Extreme Ironing but to be honest we were not entirely sure.

So that was that. Apart from the 3hr traffic jam we got stuck in on the way home, it was a great day had by all. As usual, if you click the below picture you can view the full album and see the views we got from the top and other pictures that were taken.

2010-05-03 - Ben Imne
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  1. lol hysterical with the extreme ironing! still not sure what that guy with a shovel was doing on Ben Lomond - extreme digging?!

  2. Hey! I saw these guys with the ironing board too. They were indeed indulging in "Extreme Ironing" since one of them had hopped up on top of one of the Narnain Boulders with the board set up and "ironing" his fleece.