Friday 28 May 2010

Day 1: The Journey Down

So the morning finally arrived. It turned out we weren't leaving for the 0:29 from the West - it was the 10:29 we were after. So that was a wee bonus. It meant we weren't rushing too much.

A routine Scotrail trip got us to Glasgow in plenty of time for the Virgin train. Fast forward two hours and it was a relatively easy changeover at Preston then the final leg onto Liverpool Lime Street.

We arrived in Liverpool about 15:00 to the nicest day of the year. The sun was splitting the streets and there was not a cloud in the sky. An absoultely glorious start to the day. For this trip, we had the luxury of the iPhone and the "Maps" app which is beneficial if you don't know your way about. So, after a quick check of our bearings we headed down the street to the hotel for check-in.

One hassle free check-in and a room change later then it was time to head out and get our first wander of the town. When I booked the Novotel, I knew it was close to the centre of town and really handy for stuff but I didn't realise how close it was. It is basically part of the new Liverpool One developement so it is pretty much a stones throw away from all the main attractions and amenities.

For our first wander, we pretty much headed straight down to Albert Dock and just really all around to get an idea of where things were. We found ourselves on Matthew Street and decided to grab dinner in an irish bar called Flanagan's Apple. On such a warm day it was great to get the first food and drink down the tubes. Once that was done we headed back to the hotel before heading up to O'Neill's to watch the start of the England vs Mexico game.

2010-05-24 - Albert Dock, Novotel
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