Friday 28 May 2010

Day 2: Anfield

So this was the big day. I had said there were only two things I wanted to do on the holiday and then dad could pick the rest of the itinerary - Anfield and find Krispy Kreme doughnuts. After getting ready we jumped in a taxi for Anfield. £7 and a trip to see the other side of Liverpool and we were there.

We collected the tour tickets and as we were a bit early, took a wander around the block. The flame at the Hillsborough memorial is still burning with fresh flowers being laid all the time. After seeing this, we continued around the block and finally ended up back at the entrance awaiting the tour to start.

The tour was great. The guide was very informative and knew his stuff and didn't rush you along if you were wanting to take advantage of a photo opportunity. When the tour was done we headed to the museum for a bit. After browsing about there and viewing all the silverware, we got a taxi back to the city centre for part two of today's tourist trail. Our intention was to have a browse around the Anglican Cathedral and then into Chinatown and grab something for lunch.

If you haven't been there, I cannot explain how big the cathedral is. It can be seen from most points of the city and up close it is an intimidating tower. After here, we were surpised to find the Chinese Arch so close.

This was quite gargantuan in it's own right. Dad is 6ft yet does not even pass the marble foundations. From here we headed down the street and grabbed lunch before heading back to the hotel to chill out and have a bit of a rest before heading out later on.

As it happens, there was a bit of an event on in Liverpool on Tuesday night. To celebrate the 2nd anniversary of Liverpool One, the main road and surrounding walkways were playing host to the Liverpool Pageant of Power. It was basically a demonstration of fast cars, bikes and a M1 Challenger Tank. This worked out perfectly, as Wednesday's dinner venue was bascially up a flight of stairs from the paddock. This meant that we had dinner at the Gourmet Burger Kitchen and were slap bang in the middle of the crowds.

After a few photos we stayed for some of the demos but didn't have a great vantage point so just decided to head to the beer garden instead for a couple of beverages in the sun.

2010-05-25 - Anfield, Chinatown, Pageant of Power
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