Sunday 28 March 2010

Urban Trekking

I wasn't planning on doing a big trek today but couldn't be bothered going to the gym so decided to take the camera out and head up the vast peak that is, the Lyle Hill.

I got ready and headed along the street. The main route I use for this one is head up to Brisbane Street and keep going until the school. It is here you get your first view of the Clyde on this route.

From here, head up and turn right on Newton Street. That is pretty much the navigation ended. Just keep going and follow the road.

Keep following the road and you come to a point where you have an option.

For the 25 and a half years I've lived in Greenock and for the numerous times I've went up the hill, I have never took the path on the left. So today was the day.

I don't even remember the path being so noticeable. So, left it was and I was confronted with a little trail which led up until stairs which were made from a rock formation.

Up the rocks, and that was me. I made it to the top. I actually can't believe I have never been up this way before. Previously, I only ever went to the Plateau bit with the Olympic style torch.

So after a few pics, I headed back down the wrong side of the hill into Gourock and back home for a bite to eat.

Check out the album for the other pictures which have been captioned to provide a kind of running commentary for the walk.

2010-03-28 - Lyle Hill

Disclaimer - I am aware the Lyle Hill is not a proper Scottish Hill. I just thought it would be quite amusing to provide a trip report for it.
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  1. Can't believe you didn;t know that was there! Thomas runs up the hill from newton st when he's training.. madness!

  2. I know, I amaze myself sometimes.

    Aye, Thomas is a wee bit crazy. My internal organs start shutting down and that's just walking up it.