Sunday 21 March 2010

Squinty Bridge

Another Sunday, another walk. Today's effort took us to Crianlarich with the intention of bagging two Munros while completing quite a common walkers' route which would take in An Caisteal and Beinn a' Chroin.

It was a different walk to the others we have done so far. For starters, there was no car park. You just stop in a layby on the A82 and hop over the fence into a field full of cows. Walk Highlands gave this one a bog/marsh rating of 4 out of 5. I can see why. You essentially walk through marshy grassland in an upward direction until you eventually catch a path. We made good progress over Sron Gharbh en route to the mountain but the highest regions of the first Munro were not looking the safest. There was no give in the snow and the visibility was getting worse by the second. We decided to turn back and trudge our way back down through the countryside.

Although we didn't reach the summits, the day was not completely wasted. It gave us good experience on a different terrain and I got to try out the walking poles.

2010-03-21 - An CaistelBeinn a'Chroin
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