Sunday 7 March 2010

Snowy Peaks

Today I started a new hobby - Hillwalking.

The alarm was beeping just after 0600 for a 0730 departure. Not long afterwards we found oursleves in the car park at Arrocher with the start of the trail up Ben Arthur aka The Cobbler. A few steep zigs and zags then a few gentle slopes then back onto the zig zags. Come 1125 we reached the actual point where we could not proceed with any further. Throughout the trail, there was very poor visibility and the snow was actually knee - thigh high. However, at this point, we couldn't continue. We got to the top of the flight of steps and were confronted with sheer white. On a good day the path of least resistence would have been visible but not today. It was trecherous from here on in so after a bit of discussion we called it a day and had the adventure of the descent to go. Here's me thinking that going downhill is the easiest part. This is not the case.

Bad weather aside, today was brilliant and hopefully is the start of more to come.

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