Sunday 11 April 2010

Panoramic Vistas

After a couple of weeks off, it was back to the hills for a Saturday visit. Our intended target was Ben Vane in the Arrocher Alps. And what a glorious surprise it was when I woke up on Saturday morning. The weather was absolutely spectacular so it put a spring in my step before even beginning.

The starting point was the Inveruglas Visitor Centre. We got there just after 08:20 and by the time we sorted ourselves and got kitted up it was time to start the trek about 08:40. This was set to be a different experience for me. Where the other hills I have done recently have been short sharp bursts of ascent with awee bit of flat and not much scrambling. This was a different game. After the 2½ mile flat walk from the visitor centre we hit the base of Ben Vane and from here on in, it was 3 hours of constant upwards slog. About half way up we stopped for a sandwich and chocolate bar and just enjoy the view before what was to come.

The next half was undoubtedly tougher. A good bit of scrambling was involved and an almost vertical verge just before we got to the summit. It certainly got the adrenaline running. But it was all worth it. The pain in the legs and tough breathing was a small price to pay for reaching the top. A hefty size plateau, with a few folk already on it enjoying the weather, lay before us. We were at 100% visibility with the sun shining and Scottish scenery as far as the eye could see. So that was Munro number 2 for me.

As it was such a lovely we were able to sit at the top and take a few pics have a rest and take more food and drink onboard before deciding to set off on the descent. This was going to be one tough descent - and it was. A lot of loose rock and more scrambling was ahead of us.

We eventually got to the base of the hill with the flat hike back to the car park ahead of us. Looking back we were afforded good views of what we just conquered.

The last leg on the flat should have been the easy bit but it wasn't. That track felt as if it went on forever but eventually out of nowhere, a road sign. The ice cream cone and can of Irn-Bru were within touching distance.

So, the end of another weekend's hiking adventure. Thanks to Grant and Rona for their company and as always, you can click on the link below to see the full album that has been uploaded to Picasa. Also, the panorama pic of Loch Lomond at the top of the page is clickable to see it fullsize.

2010-04-10 - Ben Vane
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  1. well done. i did lyle hill and madiera street today on an 8k walk - not quite the same but nice none-the-less!

  2. Well done Jon. Who needs to go abroad with scenery like this? Keep us posted with the pics. Big S.