Sunday 6 February 2011

Project Disney: When You Wish Upon A Star

Next up on the Disney releases was 1940's Pinocchio. As with most of the films on the list, I know the premise but haven't seen the Disney version the full way through. And this is no different. I vaguely remeber seeing bits of this in the early 90's when the VHS was released around the time of the first Lion King release.

For me, this is the first proper Disney movie. It brings to life and gives a voice to characters that wouldn't exist in the real world which is the key Disney element. I think that was what my issue was with Snow White. All voiced characters were of this world. Fair enough, there was the mirror but that could have been in her mind.

The story of Pinocchio works well in the Disney format and it let them set their stall to show what can be acheived when you use an old story as the canvas.
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