Monday 7 February 2011

Project Disney: The Sorceror's Apprentice

1940 saw the release of two feature length Disney movies. The first was Pinocchio as mentioned in the previous post, with the second being Fantasia. Fantasia is a strange one. It is not your nomral Disney feature. It is showcase of the animator's talents to visualise orchestral music with the movie being divided into 8 segments.

I remember watching this when I was young and really not liking it. Looking at it now with a more mature mind, you can see how it was a departure from what they acheived with the first two movies. It focusses on dark themes to bring the music to life. As expected, the visuals have dated. I believe they would have been out of this world back in 1940 but looking at it nowadays, it was a bit of a drag to watch and the two hour runtime didn't help matters.
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