Thursday 14 January 2010


Welcome to the first post proper of the newly updated chasethehaggis dot com. As mentioned previously, the new blog is going to be random musings with no proper structure.

The first few posts I have decided on are about programs I have come across while pottering about with my ongoing photography hobby.

The first is Picasa. This is a photo management and organisation tool from Google. I don't know about you, but I thought programs like this were abit overrated and didn't really serve much purpose. I mean, why would you need more than a decent file structure in Windows Explorer. It was only recently that I thought I'd give it a go and see whatthe actual point of it was about. I'm glad I did. It is one of the best things I have installed on here.

It has everything you would need - email photos, photo printing (including borderless if your printer supports it) and you can connect straight to a processing site to order prints or photo gifts from your images. Another feature which is quite handy is the editing functions. Some people get a bit daunted by the thought of using Photoshop for making what would seem simple edits. Picasa has incorporated some of the most common edits you would expect to use on digital images.

The best feature of the program though, has to be the face recognition. When you import your photos from a memory card and they get organised into the folders, Picasa goes a step further than it's competitors. It scans every picture to see if there is a face and if there is it will try and autmatically tag it. If it can't tag it, it will give you the option of choosing who it is. This provides a nice easy way of organising the pictures by person.

Although that may be the best feature, it is not my favourite. My favourite feature of Picasa is the Collage option. The program allows you to make a collage using all the pictures in a selected folder with ease and then save this as a high resolution photo to be printed or saved for future use.

So if you are interested, click the big Picasa logo above and get your pics organised.
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  1. I agree big chap. Picasa (more specifically Picasa 3.6) is the best photo management tool out there. Miles better than Adobe Bridge even.

    Google are a class act

  2. iPhoto is pretty good as well. It's similar to picasa so might be worth having a play around with that as well.

  3. Yeah, the whole iLife set of apps is Apple only but they very good for the Apple users out there.