Saturday 23 January 2010

DxO Filmpack

So, following on from last week's Picasa, it is now the turn of another one of my favourite programs. Dxo's Filmpack 2 is an interesting application for editing your pictures. It is essentially a set of predesigned filters based on the old photographic film styles of the past. Whereas now, you can alter ISO setting, black and white style, sepia style etc with the click of a button on your digital camera, you couldn't do that with a film camera. Back in the day, to achieve a specific style, you had to use the spool that would achieve it for you. Filmpack essentially mimics the styles each spool provided to bring a touch of nostalgia to your pictures.

The following picture was taken on a compact digital camera with auto intelligent setting on.

Using just a few of the 50+ filters contained in Filmpack, you can alter the image.

As well as the pre-defined styles, there is colour styles to convert your colour pictures into black and white or sepia with applying the effect of a coloured filter. Just like using a coloured filter in front of your lens, you can pick the filter which enhances the colours contained within the picture.

This may seem a pointless program to some people but using the right film on the right picture can enhance the dramatic effect. It also provides an easy alternative to converting to black and white photography which beginners to Photoshop may find a bit daunting.

Click here for a free 21 day trial and have a play about with it to see what you think. It can be installed as a standalone program or as an extension to Photoshop if you already use it.
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