Wednesday 26 January 2011

Overeaters Anonymous

I consider myself to be an above average movie watcher. By this, I mean I have varied tastes and will look for a high variety of movies instead of just the top 5 Box Office films they throw in the public's direction. A double bill of movies could easily see a festival winner followed up by a foreign crime drama. The problem with this though, is when you try and push a good movie onto others who fall into the 'Box Office' category it often falls onto deaf ears. With this in mind, I try and not use the blog as a vehicle for recommendations for that exact reason.

However, that is to change with this post. Last night, I watched a movie which I cannot recommend enough.

Mary And Max is a claymation movie brought to us by Australian Adam Elliot. Do not think of this as your normal Wallace and Gromit adventure. It may be made in clay, but it is definitely not one for the kids. The two main characters of the movie as you could guess from the title are Mary and Max. Mary is a young girl from a Melbourne suburb who is a bit of a loner with parents who do not really care. On the other side of the world, we have Max who lives in a New York apartment who eats for comfort. The two characters become penpals and what follows is an unlikely tale of friendship between two lonely souls spanning many years.

It may not sound like much but give it a go. You will be completely amazed by the 80 minute emotional rollercoaster that is presented before you.
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