Sunday 7 February 2010

Read Before Use

Right, hands up who has bought something and skipped right past the bits at the beginning of the manual regarding health warning and caring for your product. You know the kind of thing - the epilesy warning in computer game manuals, the list's of do's and don'ts in phone manuals etc. A bit like this one here:

You will notice that there is a warning regarding the placing of a camera in a back pocket. This is what happens if you don't acknowledge that warning.

It's only took me about a year to post that picture.
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  1. It doesn't mention having it in your front pocket though!!! Exactly the same thing happened to mine when I banged it against a bollard while it was in my front pocket. Did you get yours fixed?

  2. Phoned Casio up at the time but the guy said they don't repair the screens and it would be cheaper checking the high street. Popped down to Comet and got a 'better' camera for a very reasonable price. However, I have since grown to not like the Panasonic. So I am permenantly on the hunt for a really good offer on a replacement compact point and shoot. Good thing is I have the DSLR so it's not on my priority of things to purchase. Ebay do sell a replacement screen for about £20 from Hong Kong but the process of actually fitting it looks a bit daunting.